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 Crush My Calm - Lies Make Life Easier LP   Crush My Calm - Lies Make Life Easier LP 
 Ten fast, melodic and raging hardcore songs that are positive and pissed at the same time. While most bands mellow out and add more "rock" influences, Crush My Calm are doing what no one expected - speeding up their sound a lot, making everything harder and faster and louder and more hardcore,... More »
 EUR3.00  Buy Now 
 Fall Time. - Coma 2xLP   Fall Time. - Coma 2xLP 
 Available as gatefold double vinyl...
 EUR4.00  Buy Now 
 Neighbour Rosicky - Among Cool Cruel Fires LP   Neighbour Rosicky - Among Cool Cruel Fires LP 
 Nine songs of smart and smooth independent rock music (not that indie crap, mind you!) with lots of catchy harmonies and some real hits. His band has been compared to the Van Pelt, Karate, the Hidden Chord and even (gasp) the Strokes. Either way, this is modern rock and kicks major ass.
 EUR4.00  Buy Now 
 Babies Three, The - A Whole Where The Heart Should Be LP   Babies Three, The - A Whole Where The Heart Should Be LP 
 You should know this amazing UK emo band from their three way split CD with Sunfactor and Rydell. The Babies play mid-paced melancholic rock mixed with forceful and passionate hardcore sounds as the foundation for excellent thick riffs and screamed vocals. A really pleasant surprise that sounds a... More »
 EUR5.00  Buy Now 
 Celebrity Roast/Super Hi-Five - Split LP   Celebrity Roast/Super Hi-Five - Split LP 
 Punk as fuck. Total energy from the NYC trio Celebrity Roast (ex-Hail Mary, fuck yeah!) and anthemic as fuck punk from Super Hi-Five. Imagine something like Hot Water Music meets Bouncing Souls. Kick ass.
 EUR5.00  Buy Now 
 January Star - Home Without A Heart LP   January Star - Home Without A Heart LP 
 The first full length record from this up and coming German emo band. Poppy music with sugarsweet vocals that remind you of the Get Up Kids, Waxwing or the Atlantic Monthly. Time for being sappy again...
 EUR5.00  Buy Now 
 Lonely Drifter Karen - 10"   Lonely Drifter Karen - 10" 
 One girl, one guitar, ten inches of vinyl, four mellow and calm folksy songs, handmade silkscreened covers. This sounds a lot like Mary Lou Lord, Jen Wood, or even Jewel at times.
 EUR7.00  Buy Now 
 Brambilla - Neun LP   Brambilla - Neun LP 
 Kick ass hardcore punk with ex-members of Those Who Survived The Plague and current Grant personal. Socially and politically aware lyrics, hard hitting where they need to and calmer when they want to, and overall pretty much European sounding. This is how So Much Hate would sound in the 90s. And... More »
 EUR7.27  Buy Now 
 BBS Paranoicos/E.M.S. - Split LP   BBS Paranoicos/E.M.S. - Split LP 
 Whoah! The best E.M.S. songs so far, much more structured and better written, and with lots of different influences from straight forward punk rock to screamo stuff. And BBS Paranoicos from Chile do the melodic hardcore thing - they have a vocalist that actually sing (!) and their lyrics show that... More »
 EUR7.50  Buy Now 
 E.M.S./Nula - Split LP   E.M.S./Nula - Split LP 
 Radical and passionate and political hardcore punk from Austria and Croatia with well though out lyrics and a definite early 80s influence. This has DIY written all over it!
 EUR7.50  Buy Now 
 No Knife/Nine Days Wonder - Split 12"   No Knife/Nine Days Wonder - Split 12" 
 This collaboration between No Knife and Nine Days Wonder sounds as if the bands composed the songs together. The two songs from No Knife and the three from Nine Days Wonder compliment each other in composition, musicianship, texture, consistency and style. No Knife sound a lotr like on their amazing... More »
 EUR7.50  Buy Now 
 Landmine Spring - Your World 10"   Landmine Spring - Your World 10" 
 Awesome melodic rocking softcore that is known as "emo" in some elite circles these days. Or something. But it's cool. Not Doghouse or Deep Elm or Ebullition sounds for the oh-so-cool kids, but just honest and sincere and heartfelt music. On Day After. That means quality stuff. We like.
 EUR7.99  Buy Now 
 Absone - A Last Kiss Before LP   Absone - A Last Kiss Before LP   EUR8.00  Buy Now 
 Dance Inc., The - Looking Like That 12"   Dance Inc., The - Looking Like That 12" 
 Well, this is what happens when ex-hardcore kids continue to make music. Jan Elbeshausen used to be in a couple of mid 90s Northcore bands, and sings now for indie rockers Marr. The Dance Inc play catchy as fuck electro pop for smoke filled clubs and the morning after. Fucking ace!
 EUR8.00  Buy Now 
 Dance Inc., The/Saalschutz - Never Mind The Remix 12"   Dance Inc., The/Saalschutz - Never Mind The Remix 12" 
 More electro betterness. Don't be fooled, it isn't all about remixes, there's some pretty dope originals as well. Everybody knows the Dance Inc., and everybody likes them, and Saalschutz are the next big thing.
 EUR8.00  Buy Now 
 Lorraine - Lima 12"   Lorraine - Lima 12" 
 FINALLY IN STOCK! The Lorraine debut EP entitled "Lima": four songs on twelve inches of pitchblack heavyweight vinyl at 45 revolutions per minute. This record should (and will) easily make this year's top lists - imagine the intensity of Rites of Sping combined with the in-your-face snottiness (and... More »
 EUR8.00  Buy Now 
 Realign - The Urban Rock Addiction LP   Realign - The Urban Rock Addiction LP 
 This record was released a couple of years too soon. It it would have come out today, believe me - you'd pee your pants and rush out to buy it. "The Urban Rock Addiction" is just that - or, in other words, killer hardcore somewhere between JR Ewing and Refused that's as tight as your black pants.
 EUR8.00  Buy Now 
 Tidal/Hablan Por La Espalda - Split 10"   Tidal/Hablan Por La Espalda - Split 10" 
 The final Tidal recordings. And some new songs from the South American blood brothers. Did I just say Blood Brothers? That's a good idea. This record sounds like them. Plus some At The Drive-In maybe, a little bit of the Stooges, a whole lot of dirty out of tune rock, bloody noses, black eyes,... More »
 EUR8.00  Buy Now 
 Ariel Kill Him - In The Pyramide LP   Ariel Kill Him - In The Pyramide LP 
 Very fragile and mellow indie pop in the best sense of the word. Take one part singer/songwriter beauties, one part electronic experimentation and shake it up with all the sadness and melancholy you can think of. This is the solo project of the Leiah singer, by the way.
 EUR8.50  Buy Now 
 Black Sea, The 10"   Black Sea, The 10" 
 Beautiful music. Period. Ex- and current members of Fugazi and Frodus perform brooding and intimate songs that sound like the rain outside your window put to music. This is dark and mysterious, with a compact rhythm section and a tired voice, and it leads you to forbidden places in the dark corners... More »
 EUR8.50  Buy Now 
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