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 !!! - Pardon My Freedom 12"   !!! - Pardon My Freedom 12" 
 This band has been shaking up the indie dance scene for a couple of years now, and this is some of their finest and most danceable shit. One sexy fucker of a record!!!
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 27/Bug - Split LP   27/Bug - Split LP 
 Opposites attract, or so they say. These two bands couldn't be any more different: 27 play some dreamy and melancholic pop music, while Bug go for some asswhipping. I am surprised that I actually like both. I remember Bug to be pretty bland and lame, but these songs are up there with the fine-tuned... More »
 EUR14.00  Buy Now 
 4 Walls Falling - Culture Shock LP   4 Walls Falling - Culture Shock LP 
 The vinyl re-issue of the legendary first 4 Walls Falling album that has been out of print for the better part of a decade now! This record is THE BOMB, and - next to the first Endpoint LP and Chokehold's "Content With Dying" - one of the best political straight edge hardcore records EVER. This... More »
 EUR9.50  Buy Now 
 A.M. Thawn - Coalition: Now LP   A.M. Thawn - Coalition: Now LP 
 What a great band! This recrod is the epitome of "less is more" - groovy beats, a subtle, spazztic guitar sound and decent keyboard underlines. Or, in other words - A.M. Thawn are somewhere between the DC rock of Q And Not U and Black Eyes, and the NY art punk of Les Savy Fav with a decent Gang Of... More »
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 Absone - A Last Kiss Before LP   Absone - A Last Kiss Before LP   EUR8.00  Buy Now 
 Anthem Red - Dancing On The Dishwasher LP   Anthem Red - Dancing On The Dishwasher LP 
 This is where members of Sixty Stories continued after the break up, taking the name of the last album with them. Anthem Red is more punk rock (in a grown up way), and at times they even come close to Discount. A well kept secret!
 EUR10.00  Buy Now 
 Anyway - Golf Club LP   Anyway - Golf Club LP 
 The great (!) first album of this cool new band around the Lvmen drummer. Anyway have that certain late 80s/early 90s DC flavour (Jawbox anyone?) and rock like the later Rye Coalition stuff was being played in garages so dirty that it could fuck up the nice clean suits of the Hives.
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 April/Creutzfeldt - Split LP   April/Creutzfeldt - Split LP 
 Three intense April songs with screamed and bawled vocal, accompanied by wonderful guitar riffs and fast speed metal-parts! Creutzfeldt crank out four songs of total destruction, lightning speed noise with lots of death metal influences. Ugly and beuatiful at the same time.
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 Ariel Kill Him - In The Pyramide LP   Ariel Kill Him - In The Pyramide LP 
 Very fragile and mellow indie pop in the best sense of the word. Take one part singer/songwriter beauties, one part electronic experimentation and shake it up with all the sadness and melancholy you can think of. This is the solo project of the Leiah singer, by the way.
 EUR8.50  Buy Now 
 Atom And His Package - Hamburgers MLP   Atom And His Package - Hamburgers MLP 
 Everybody loves Atom! In case you have been living under a rock in the 1990s, Atom is one man, and "the package" is his sequencer. Together they make music. Punk attitude, lots of clever humor, catchy pop songs in the spirit of Devo, and a lot of heart.
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 Autistic Youth - Idle Minds LP   Autistic Youth - Idle Minds LP 
 Straight up hardcore punk with a poppy edge, and often compared to genre greats such as the Adolescents or the Wipers, plus Bad Religion style oozin ahs. Simply awesome!
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 Autistic Youth - Landmine Beach LP   Autistic Youth - Landmine Beach LP 
 Equally wild and melodic hardcore punk from Portland, home of bands like Poison Idea or Tragedy. Autistic Youth sound like either, they don't scream in your face, but offer you twelve icnhes of poppy anthems instead.
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 Babies Three, The - A Whole Where The Heart Should Be LP   Babies Three, The - A Whole Where The Heart Should Be LP 
 You should know this amazing UK emo band from their three way split CD with Sunfactor and Rydell. The Babies play mid-paced melancholic rock mixed with forceful and passionate hardcore sounds as the foundation for excellent thick riffs and screamed vocals. A really pleasant surprise that sounds a... More »
 EUR5.00  Buy Now 
 BBS Paranoicos/E.M.S. - Split LP   BBS Paranoicos/E.M.S. - Split LP 
 Whoah! The best E.M.S. songs so far, much more structured and better written, and with lots of different influences from straight forward punk rock to screamo stuff. And BBS Paranoicos from Chile do the melodic hardcore thing - they have a vocalist that actually sing (!) and their lyrics show that... More »
 EUR7.50  Buy Now 
 Bi-Marks - The Golden Years LP   Bi-Marks - The Golden Years LP 
 Damn, how many punk bands are there in Portland?! The Bi-Marks sure know how to bring the noise: loud, fast and snotty old fashioned punk rock that made me think of the Angry Samoans, GHB or The Freeze. This comes in a very Rudimentary Peni-influenced cover, with massive fold out booklet that says... More »
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 Black Heart Procession, The - Amore Del Tropico 2xLP   Black Heart Procession, The - Amore Del Tropico 2xLP 
 This album is like a soundtrack for a non-existing film noir. Piano, violin, cello, and haunting synthie sounds create an atmosphere of beauty and spookyness... like falling in love with the ghost that haunts your house at night.
 EUR18.00  Buy Now 
 Black Sea, The 10"   Black Sea, The 10" 
 Beautiful music. Period. Ex- and current members of Fugazi and Frodus perform brooding and intimate songs that sound like the rain outside your window put to music. This is dark and mysterious, with a compact rhythm section and a tired voice, and it leads you to forbidden places in the dark corners... More »
 EUR8.50  Buy Now 
 Brambilla - Neun LP   Brambilla - Neun LP 
 Kick ass hardcore punk with ex-members of Those Who Survived The Plague and current Grant personal. Socially and politically aware lyrics, hard hitting where they need to and calmer when they want to, and overall pretty much European sounding. This is how So Much Hate would sound in the 90s. And... More »
 EUR7.27  Buy Now 
 Brian Setzer - Rockabilly Riot! Volume One 2xLP   Brian Setzer - Rockabilly Riot! Volume One 2xLP 
 This is a tribute to Sun Records, home of some of the greatest rockabilly music ever recorded. Mr Setzer covers 23 songs, from „Blue Suede Shoes“, and „Get Rhythm“ (originally by Johnny Cash) to some obscure gems. Now put ony our dancing shoes, tap and whoop and holler.
 EUR17.00  Buy Now 
 Cat Party - Rhapsody In Black LP   Cat Party - Rhapsody In Black LP 
 If you buy a record from Sabotage Records, you either get snotty punk rock or gloomy post punk - but can never, never go wrong with this label! Cat Party obviously falls into the latter category... dark and moody music with elements of Joy Division, early Cure, Bauhaus.
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
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