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 Celebrity Roast/Super Hi-Five - Split LP   Celebrity Roast/Super Hi-Five - Split LP 
 Punk as fuck. Total energy from the NYC trio Celebrity Roast (ex-Hail Mary, fuck yeah!) and anthemic as fuck punk from Super Hi-Five. Imagine something like Hot Water Music meets Bouncing Souls. Kick ass.
 EUR5.00  Buy Now 
 Cex - Being Ridden 2xLP   Cex - Being Ridden 2xLP 
 Why isn't Cex everybody's favorite artist by now? Come on, this is exactly what you all are going crazy for: an indie kid experimenting with electronica, and dropping some fat hip hop beats and deep rhymes. Holy shit, it's like Eminem meets Bright Eyes, word is born! This double LP edition... More »
 EUR17.00  Buy Now 
 Coldbringer - Lust And Ambition LP   Coldbringer - Lust And Ambition LP 
 Namedrop, namedrop. Ex-From Ashes Rise. Sounds like Leatherface. Sounds like Hüsker Dü. Everything we say is true.
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 Crash - Young Boy I Can Help You Through Your Exams 10"   Crash - Young Boy I Can Help You Through Your Exams 10" 
 Some ex-JR Ewing folks (but don't quote us on that) with upbeat happy retro emo indie pop rock. Think Jawbox meest the Jam meets Starmarket or something. A really good record that will appeal to botth the emo kids and the indie rockers.
 EUR8.72  Buy Now 
 Crucible/Dragbody - Split LP   Crucible/Dragbody - Split LP 
 Eeeeevil Florida metal stuff both bands. Killer riffs galore. Crucible are ex-members of Culture, Bird Of Ill Omen and Assück, if that matters.
 EUR10.50  Buy Now 
 Crucifix - Dehumanization LP   Crucifix - Dehumanization LP 
 This is the album that defined anarcho punk, or - a term we hate - "peace punk" in 1983. Crucifix took everything that Crass and Conflict did, made it better, heavier, and angrier. And whether you admit it or not, without them, there would be no Tragedy, no From Ashes Rise, and probably not even... More »
 EUR12.00  Buy Now 
 Crusades - The Sun Is Down LP   Crusades - The Sun Is Down LP 
 Holy shit, this is one of the most original and downright amazing bands in the last couple of years actually! It's kind of hard to describe: somewhere between raw and edgy hardcore and melodic power pop doesn't really cut it. It's like an even more occult Integrity with their take on the garage... More »
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 Crush My Calm - Lies Make Life Easier LP   Crush My Calm - Lies Make Life Easier LP 
 Ten fast, melodic and raging hardcore songs that are positive and pissed at the same time. While most bands mellow out and add more "rock" influences, Crush My Calm are doing what no one expected - speeding up their sound a lot, making everything harder and faster and louder and more hardcore,... More »
 EUR3.00  Buy Now 
 Crystal Committee, The - Forever Overhead LP   Crystal Committee, The - Forever Overhead LP 
 This is Fredrik Brändström, singer of Starmarket, and some Randy people with sweet melancholic guitar pop somewhere in between the Smiths, old Promise Ring or Belle & Sebastian with a little 80s flavour. Really heartfelt and well done stuff!!
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 Dance Inc., The - Looking Like That 12"   Dance Inc., The - Looking Like That 12" 
 Well, this is what happens when ex-hardcore kids continue to make music. Jan Elbeshausen used to be in a couple of mid 90s Northcore bands, and sings now for indie rockers Marr. The Dance Inc play catchy as fuck electro pop for smoke filled clubs and the morning after. Fucking ace!
 EUR8.00  Buy Now 
 Dance Inc., The/Saalschutz - Never Mind The Remix 12"   Dance Inc., The/Saalschutz - Never Mind The Remix 12" 
 More electro betterness. Don't be fooled, it isn't all about remixes, there's some pretty dope originals as well. Everybody knows the Dance Inc., and everybody likes them, and Saalschutz are the next big thing.
 EUR8.00  Buy Now 
 Dead, The - Anthems To World Domination LP   Dead, The - Anthems To World Domination LP 
 Modern old school hardcore. All right, this description doesn't mean shit. But The Dead thrash tehir way through 15 raw, dirty, and hateful hardcore anthems that will start mosh pits in every room of your house. This one kicks major ass.
 EUR9.50  Buy Now 
 Del Cielo - Wish And Wait LP   Del Cielo - Wish And Wait LP 
 Awesome! This record is catchy as hell and the lyrics are excellent pieces of independent rock poetry. Take Velocity Girl, let them play some Braid songs together with Sleater-Kinney and have Ani Di Franco watch it all and you'll get the DC rock sweetness known as Del Cielo - both clean and pretty... More »
 EUR10.00  Buy Now 
 Destiny - The Tracy Chapter LP   Destiny - The Tracy Chapter LP 
 The second album, continuing where Poison The Well left off after "The Opposite OF December". That means: brutal and heavy new school hardcore with metal riffs, melodies, power and neckbreaking moshparts. Now finally available on vinyl.
 EUR10.20  Buy Now 
 Dominic - s/t LP   Dominic - s/t LP 
 "The band was simply established to create and perform music we love. We're a band that try to book our own tours and concerts, and encourage other bands to do the same. There is not much future in sitting on your asses waiting for a big record deal. You achieve the most and get the best progress by... More »
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 Donnas, The - Bitchin' LP   Donnas, The - Bitchin' LP 
 OK, let's be honest: the cover artwork is either horrible as shit or pure genius, depending how you look at it. And yes, you have this 70s glam meets hard rock meets The Ramones sound a million times before, but you know what? It works! The Donnas can pull it off. This, my friends, is one hell of a... More »
 EUR16.00  Buy Now 
 Doodeward/The People Listening, Wonder - Split LP   Doodeward/The People Listening, Wonder - Split LP 
 This record could just as well be a re-release of some long lost mid 90s recordings. It's the good old quiet-loud-quiet-loud schema, and it still works incredibly well. If you've ever been into stuff like Indian Summer, Julia, or Policy Of 3, this is a must!!
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 Dramamine - s/t LP   Dramamine - s/t LP 
 Loud and noisy "post"-whatever-rock that brings back memories of a time when bands like Sonic Youth were still relevant. Members of Idle Hands, Pressgang, and Short Fuse, by the way. If that means anything. If this album would have been on Dischord, you'd be singing it's praise on every... More »
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 E.M.S./Nula - Split LP   E.M.S./Nula - Split LP 
 Radical and passionate and political hardcore punk from Austria and Croatia with well though out lyrics and a definite early 80s influence. This has DIY written all over it!
 EUR7.50  Buy Now 
 Eddie Spaghetti - Old No. 2 LP   Eddie Spaghetti - Old No. 2 LP 
 The second solo album from this Supersuckers dude, and of course it kicks major ass! Including AC/DC, Willie Nelson, Bob Dylan and Tom Waits cover tunes! Drunk punk! Drunk country! Drunk rockabilly! A half naked chick on the cover! How can you NOT like this?
 EUR13.00  Buy Now 
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