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 Mos Def - Tru3 Magic 2xLP   Mos Def - Tru3 Magic 2xLP 
 The packaging SUCKS. Seriously, this is one of the worst packagings you will ever see. But damn, this record is awesome! While Mos Def used to experiment with various styles on his previous records, "Tru3 Magic" is a return to the glory of boom bap hip hop, with an almost old school flavor.... More »
 EUR16.00  Buy Now 
 Motörhate - Welcome To Civilization LP   Motörhate - Welcome To Civilization LP 
 Awesome nine track heavy and dark hardcore punk with melodies all over the place. Add some basic punkrock and a bit thrashy riffs and you'll get a Danish band that musically lands somewhere between Aus-Rotten and Caustic Christ. Good political lyrics brought forth by three singers, and some help... More »
 EUR9.50  Buy Now 
 Mouthbreather - Thank You For Your Patience LP   Mouthbreather - Thank You For Your Patience LP 
 No bullshit hardcore punk from Richmond, Virginia. A much needed kick in the ass for everyone who thinks hardcore has become safe and stale ever since Black Flag have broken up. This is not pretty or nice or available in chain stores, this is PUNK.
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 Neighbour Rosicky - Among Cool Cruel Fires LP   Neighbour Rosicky - Among Cool Cruel Fires LP 
 Nine songs of smart and smooth independent rock music (not that indie crap, mind you!) with lots of catchy harmonies and some real hits. His band has been compared to the Van Pelt, Karate, the Hidden Chord and even (gasp) the Strokes. Either way, this is modern rock and kicks major ass.
 EUR4.00  Buy Now 
 Neon Blonde - Headlines 12"   Neon Blonde - Headlines 12" 
 Neon Blonde is the alter ego of Blood Brothers vocalist Johnny Whitney and drummer Mark Gajadhar. Unlike the often frantic and frenzied songs of the duo's other band, Neon Blonde is a much more eclectic, dancing, and melodious venture, which touches on the art-rock tunes of Brian Eno, early David... More »
 EUR8.50  Buy Now 
 Night Birds - The Other Side Of Darkness LP   Night Birds - The Other Side Of Darkness LP 
 Some people have a problem with Jello Biafra's voice and just can't enjoy the Dead Kennedys. That's sad. But here is the antidote: Night Birds sound EXACTLY like the Dead Kennedys with Tony Cadena from the Adolescents singing for them. Yummy has a huge crush on this album!
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 Nine Days Wonder - The Scenery Is In Disguise There LP   Nine Days Wonder - The Scenery Is In Disguise There LP 
 Nine Days Wonder are from Tokyo and play emotive rock epics that deserve comparisons to Sleepytime Trio, Three Penny Opera and Shotmaker. This record comes with a quote from revolutionary Black Panther Angela Davis about the need for creating a world economy that produces for need rather than for... More »
 EUR8.72  Buy Now 
 Ninja Gun - Restless Rubes LP   Ninja Gun - Restless Rubes LP 
 Rock music with a slight punk edge and a sound as big as a cinemascope movie, and we mean major label big. This isn't loud or angry, it's just awesome. Awesome in a Weezer kind of way. A hidden gem!
 EUR14.00  Buy Now 
 Ninja Gun - Roman Noise 12"   Ninja Gun - Roman Noise 12" 
 The new EP! Half acoustic, half power pop, summer music all the way! And there's even a cello! Yay!
 EUR10.00  Buy Now 
 No Hold Back ... All Attack Comp. 3xLP   No Hold Back ... All Attack Comp. 3xLP 
 This record is A LOT like all the great hardcore punk compilations back in the day, featuring 54 (that's fifty-four!!) bands from the Minneapolis area, a.k.a. Havoc country. Features all new tracks from bands like Misery, Dillinger Four, Song Of Zarathustra, Sweet Jap, Martyr AD, Path of... More »
 EUR16.00  Buy Now 
 No Knife/Nine Days Wonder - Split 12"   No Knife/Nine Days Wonder - Split 12" 
 This collaboration between No Knife and Nine Days Wonder sounds as if the bands composed the songs together. The two songs from No Knife and the three from Nine Days Wonder compliment each other in composition, musicianship, texture, consistency and style. No Knife sound a lotr like on their amazing... More »
 EUR7.50  Buy Now 
 Oddball's Band - Fucked Up Right 10"   Oddball's Band - Fucked Up Right 10" 
 12 brandnew songs of 50s r&b, blues and garage punk - part hellfire and part heartache. Forget about all these posers with greasy hair, this is the real mean rock and roll shit!
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 One Man And His Droid - Party People LP   One Man And His Droid - Party People LP 
 This band has always been good, now they are great. "Party People" is one hell of an album, with elements from electro pop to post hardcore and all the way back. It's danceable, fun to listen to and just damn well made. Oh, and - namedrop, namedrop - the Pale singer makes a guest appearance here,... More »
 EUR9.50  Buy Now 
 Pale - How to Survive Chance LP   Pale - How to Survive Chance LP 
 Everyone has been waiting for this. Well... Pale still sound like Pale, just even mellower and with incredible arrangements and piano, analog synthies and horns being an integral part of their music now. Think of a mix between Badly Drawn Boy, Housemartins and the Jam. The next big thing?
 EUR10.00  Buy Now 
 Paranoia Keeps Crawling/Stagnation's End - Split LP   Paranoia Keeps Crawling/Stagnation's End - Split LP 
 Hectic and manic screamo hardcore with very good lyrics from Stagnation's End (members of Kitty Empire and Seuchenherd!) and long apocalyptic songs with that old Neurosis/His Hero Is Gone -feeling from Paranoia Keeps Crawling. May all your nightmares be beautiful!
 EUR9.45  Buy Now 
 Plastic Letters - Don't Tell Your Boyfriend LP   Plastic Letters - Don't Tell Your Boyfriend LP 
 A band that took it's name from the second Blondie record just HAS to be good. The Plastic Letters are pretty darn good. Straight up power pop with a punk edge. Put this right next to your Briefs records. Or file under The Jam, The Knack or Buzzcocks.
 EUR10.50  Buy Now 
 Plemo - Kennzeichen P LP   Plemo - Kennzeichen P LP 
 Kick ass lo fi trash techno pop. Plemo likes to drink and riot and fuck shit up and terrorize ears with cheap Casio beats and beeps. That's cool.
 EUR10.00  Buy Now 
 Polite Sleeper - Lake Effect LP   Polite Sleeper - Lake Effect LP 
 This album was recorded in 5 days during a thunderstorm... ain't that a great story? It is "folky" in a way, more like Bob Dylan than Chuck Ragan, and even though we all know how badly Bob Dylan sucks, his legacy is out there. Someone said that Polite Sleeper sound like Xiu Xiu, but we have no... More »
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 Polite Sleeper - Seens LP   Polite Sleeper - Seens LP 
 Do you remember that criminally underrated band The Yellow Press? After they broke up, two members of said band started Polite Sleeper, in their own words "a folk punk mess". What this means is basically that they take all kinds of American folk music, throw them in a blender, add some artyness... More »
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 Pygmy Lush - Old Friends LP   Pygmy Lush - Old Friends LP 
 Acoustic strums, beautiful vocal harmonies, pianos, keyboards, and swelling ambient noise - not the kind of music one might assume would come from a band made up of veteran punk musicians from veteran bands such as Pg. 99, City of Caterpillar, and Majority Rule. This is a beautiful winter record:... More »
 EUR13.00  Buy Now 
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