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 Radare - Hyrule LP   Radare - Hyrule LP 
 The second album of post rock's best kept secret... even more epic, even more structured like a soundtrack, "Hyrule" is full of slow and drawn out soundscapes that would make Bohren & der Club of Gore proud. This will be everybody's fave band in a year or two... we have told you first!
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 Radare - Infinite Regress LP   Radare - Infinite Regress LP 
 Wonderful, simply wonderful, and just right for this time of the year, when the days get shorter and the nights get longer. Radare play - for lack of a better term - "post rock", mostly instrumental, slow, heavy at times, and ... oh well, of course they sound a bit like Neurosis, and sure enough... More »
 EUR10.00  Buy Now 
 Rah Bras - Rue Bras! LP   Rah Bras - Rue Bras! LP 
 After two CDeps on Lovitt and Vermiform Records, Rah Bras (with ex Mens Recovery Project and Hose Got Cable members) are ready to engage listeners once again with their concentration of melodic assault and spectacular beats. Consisting of a gigantic keyboard, bass, and drums, Rah Bras' music layers... More »
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 Realign - The Urban Rock Addiction LP   Realign - The Urban Rock Addiction LP 
 This record was released a couple of years too soon. It it would have come out today, believe me - you'd pee your pants and rush out to buy it. "The Urban Rock Addiction" is just that - or, in other words, killer hardcore somewhere between JR Ewing and Refused that's as tight as your black pants.
 EUR8.00  Buy Now 
 Realmfall - Kaddish For An Unborn Poem 10"   Realmfall - Kaddish For An Unborn Poem 10" 
 Take equal parts metal mosh and radical leftist politics and equal parts Refused and Catharsis, shake it up like a fucking Molotov cocktail and this is what you'll get!
 EUR8.50  Buy Now 
 Rebuilding Comp. LP   Rebuilding Comp. LP 
 A classic piece of hardcore history with Gorilla Biscuits, Burn, Turning Point and No Escape. The 12 songs on here are the long out print Rebuilding 7", the Turning Point/No Escape Split EP and the Forever 7" as bonus tracks. Great new cover artwork by Jason Farrell of Swiz/Bluetip.
 EUR9.45  Buy Now 
 Reggie & The Full Effect - Promotional Copy LP   Reggie & The Full Effect - Promotional Copy LP 
 Not some long lost tapes by some rock star geek as the promo machinery wants to make you think, but simply the second Reggie album, and even more freaky than the first one. Think Atom plays Weezer songs at some trip hop party hosted by Har Mar.
 EUR10.00  Buy Now 
 Rika/Everton - Split LP   Rika/Everton - Split LP 
 There was a time long ago when "emo" meant something completely different. It was the time of jangly guitars, off key vocals, and songs about girls. It was the time of bands like Mineral or Christie Front Drive. These two bands weren't probably even in primary school back then, but they have this... More »
 EUR10.00  Buy Now 
 Room 204/G.I. Joe - Split 10"   Room 204/G.I. Joe - Split 10" 
 Holy shit, Interstellar might just become your new favorite label if you dig the noisier side of rock. Two duos, one instrumental, the other with vocals, one with guitars and drums, the other with bass and drums. Think Oxes, Hella, Lightning Bolt.
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 Seed Of The Next Season, The Comp. LP   Seed Of The Next Season, The Comp. LP 
 All new songs by Jane, Chispa, Systral, Y, Acheborn, Heaven Shall Burn, Linsay, Tumult, Man Vs Humanity, Enfold, Nyari, Gomorrha, Deamons Jaded Passion, Mörser, Inane, Metalfist, Caliban and Aclys. Straight up chaos metal noise insanity.
 EUR8.72  Buy Now 
 Sixty Stories - Anthem Red LP   Sixty Stories - Anthem Red LP 
 Amazing punk rock from Winnipeg, Canada. There is so much heart and soul in these songs it's incredible... it's just hit after hit after hit, just like the Get Up Kids (if they weren't spoiled rich kids) and even the Pixies (if they were still around). If you don't own this record, you are... More »
 EUR10.00  Buy Now 
 Slow Death - Born Ugly Got Worse LP   Slow Death - Born Ugly Got Worse LP 
 "Drawing on Cock Sparrer's working class anthems, the Lemonheads sometimes rollicking/sometimes somber vibe, and the East Bay pop punk fury of Crimpshrine, The Slow Death have carved out their own niche of melodic punk." - And if that wasn't enough, Paddy Costello plays in this band. He also is in... More »
 EUR13.00  Buy Now 
 Soophie Nun Squad - Passion Slays The Dragon LP   Soophie Nun Squad - Passion Slays The Dragon LP 
 The punk rock party machine in full effect! Imagine 10 (!!) band members going all crazy and having fun while sounding like the Beastie Boys playing AC/DC songs at a ahardcroe show. And they have weird wrestling costuems and a puppet show when they play live. Putting the FUN back into DIY hardcore!
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 Soophie Nun Squad/Abe Froman - Split LP   Soophie Nun Squad/Abe Froman - Split LP 
 Our beloved eleven-people-party-fun-gang Soophie Nun Squad kick out the jams with their lovable tongue in cheek melodic punk rock insanity. Abe Froman play a bunch of catchy melodic sing a long lo-fi punk rock anthems. Sweeeeeet.
 EUR10.50  Buy Now 
 Standstill - The Latest Kiss MLP   Standstill - The Latest Kiss MLP 
 The new Standstill record, and much more experimental and progressice than ever... this they concentrate more on softer and melancholic elements, taking listeners through a hypnotic acoustic journey. This isn't "emo" or "hardcore" anymore, but straight up rock. Pretty much like an underground... More »
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 Static 84 - The Servants Are Rising LP   Static 84 - The Servants Are Rising LP 
 From old school to new school and all the way back with melodic charismatic vocals. Reference bands could be Good Riddance, Dag Nasty, Endpoint. And on top of it all, Static 84 have really good political and working class conscious lyrics. Hardcore in the true meaning of the word.
 EUR9.45  Buy Now 
 Sunshine - Necromance: Digital Urban Icons LP   Sunshine - Necromance: Digital Urban Icons LP 
 The long awaited new (fourth) album by these rock super stars that made themselves a name thru their collaboration with At The Drive-In, contributions to the second Blair Witch soundtrack and extensive touring in Europe and the US. This is some crazy ass rock with lots of 80s influences, swinging... More »
 EUR9.00  Buy Now 
 Sutekh Hexen - Empyräisch LP   Sutekh Hexen - Empyräisch LP 
 The term "wall of noise" is thrown around so lightly these days... but be warned: you will re-think that idea after listening to Sutekh Hexen! A self-proclaimed "occult experimental band", Sutekh Hexen create a painful atmosphere, not unlike the idea of the abyss that stares back through the... More »
 EUR13.00  Buy Now 
 Team Robespierre - Everything's Perfect LP   Team Robespierre - Everything's Perfect LP 
 OK, please do yourself a favor and don't look at the godawful cover! What's inside this sleeve is a true gem... this is super catchy and danceable (for lack of a better term) POP music with heavy, heavy punk roots - pretty much what The Faint COULD have been if they hadn't taken the path towards... More »
 EUR11.00  Buy Now 
 The Gang/Vague Angels - Split LP   The Gang/Vague Angels - Split LP 
 This twelve inch features three songs each by Chris Leo's Vague Angels, here now for the first time as a full band, and by The Gang from New Jersey, who are pretty much in the same vein, and include Chris & Ted Leo's brother Danny on drums. Ex - Van Pelt and Lapse!
 EUR10.00  Buy Now 
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