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 27 - In A Perfect World 7"   27 - In A Perfect World 7" 
 Oh, that's the beauty of DIY! All the way back in 2005, Noise Appeal released a split record with Bug and 27. Seven years later, they did a new 27 vinyl seven inch, and that might just be the textbook definition of "don't forget the struggle, don't forget the streets"... Two song on the vinyl, a... More »
 EUR5.00  Buy Now 
 Aleatoric, The - Forever Yours 7"   Aleatoric, The - Forever Yours 7" 
 Three dynamically crushing songs performed by this four piece metal monstrosity. The Aleatoric blends beauty and emotions along with power and pure adrenaline. Energetic. Powerful. Emotional.
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Atlantic Monthly, The/Dina - Split 7"   Atlantic Monthly, The/Dina - Split 7" 
 Emo with a capital E. The Atlantic Monthly are ex-members of the great but still way too underrated Reframe The Concept and some of them can now be found celebrating the noise in Fall Time., but this sounds nothing like them. Dreamy and mellow emo indie pop with keyboards, occassional female vocals... More »
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Autumn - The Box in The Cellar 7"   Autumn - The Box in The Cellar 7" 
 Ahhhh, we found one more copy of this classic masterpiece!! Autumn played their first show in 1994 together with Chokehold and Deadguy, and sold more than 1000 copies of their demo. This 7" combines rocking hardcore like Endpoint or Quicksand with the heaviness of 108 and Inside Out.
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Battle Royale 7"   Battle Royale 7" 
 Weird and chaotic and brutal as fuck metallic hardcore with influences that are all over the place. Imagine a mixtape with death and thrash metal songs sandwiched between fast hardcore and classic punk and this is pretty much like it. (Or maybe a bit like Programm C. Yeehaw.)
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Books Lie - I Felt Like Such A Loser... 7"   Books Lie - I Felt Like Such A Loser... 7" 
 Harsh, honest and ugly hardcore from the bowels of Brooklyn that sounds like what sugared-up kids might play if weaned on a steady diet of Born Against. Books Lie has focused their guitar attack and have kept their sense of urgency and humor that have become their trademark. "A cross between early... More »
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Bright Calm Blue - 7"   Bright Calm Blue - 7" 
 The previous description of this record said "Four songs. Two of them from their demo.", but who are we kidding? Would you buy a record if you don't know anything about the band? Bright Calm Blue were a criminally underrated (post-)hardcore band from the early 2000s, and have perfected the sound... More »
 EUR2.50  Buy Now 
 Bury Me Standing/This Machine Kills - Split 7"   Bury Me Standing/This Machine Kills - Split 7" 
 This Machine Kills were one of the greatest outspoken political hardcore bands in the last couple of years and sound like a Born Against-meets-Drive Like Jehu style of hardcore on this release. Bury Me Standing features a member of Groundwork, they have 2 singers alternating between a deep growl and... More »
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Cassettes, The - Lights 7"   Cassettes, The - Lights 7" 
 Two low-fi power pop songs out of Washington DC... former Frodus member Shelby Cinca and some folks from Impossible Five team up and perform excellent sexy tunes. On the mighty fine Carcrash label out of Sweden.
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Cherryville, The/Kitty Empire - Split 7"   Cherryville, The/Kitty Empire - Split 7" 
 The Cherryville were on a split with Germany's hottest new rock band (yeah, right, the Robocop Kraus) and play minimalistic, inteligent and still emotional independent rock in the same style as bands like the Van Pelt, Karate or Cap'n Jazz, combining a unique sense of humour with beautiful songs.
 EUR3.63  Buy Now 
 Creaming Jesus - Headrush 7"   Creaming Jesus - Headrush 7" 
 Dark and fucked up indie rock with punk influences from these ugly pseudo goth junkies. Cool stuff. Really. And already kind of rare - coloured wax, yeah...
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Dead Red Sea 7"   Dead Red Sea 7" 
 Ex-members of Cross My Heart playing with less crunch and a retro approach to alternative rock maintaining the same level of emotion and dynamics. An incredible blend of stripped down indie-rock and emo, similar to Chamberlain and Jets to Brazil.
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Dead Thirteen/Down Foundation- Split 7"   Dead Thirteen/Down Foundation- Split 7" 
 Down Foundation is one of those bands that can can get you interested in old schoolish hardcore again, even with all the ugly bullshit around. Like a mix of Bane, Ensign and Atari with brains. Dead Thirteen is ugly as fuck death core metal grind that will please Mörser fiends. Hardcore, fuck yeah!
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Del Cielo/Sin Desires Marie - Split 7"   Del Cielo/Sin Desires Marie - Split 7" 
 Two all female rock power trios. Sin Desires Marie offers a haunting bass-driven approach to pop, influenced by Red Monkey, Submission Hold or even Gang of Four. Del Cielo from have a more upfront indie pop approach, reminiscent of Velocity Girl or Braid. Great? Great!
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Die Emperor Die - Acoustic 7"   Die Emperor Die - Acoustic 7" 
 This was released ages ago as a homemade CD-R or something, now it's finally available as a "real" release. Two underage kids whining and crying their hearts out while picking their out of tune guitars, just the way you like it.
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Digger Barnes - My Name Is Digger 7"   Digger Barnes - My Name Is Digger 7" 
 Very awesome, very personal, very intimate, very punk, very country. This man even covers Social Distortion, so how can you go wrong?
 EUR4.50  Buy Now 
 Digger Barnes/Allie Total Blam Blam - Split 7"   Digger Barnes/Allie Total Blam Blam - Split 7" 
 Don't believe everything you read... thse two dudes might have outlaw cowboy blood running through their veins, but actually they are from Hamburg. Oops, we said it. Digger does a Johnny Cash-esque smash hit, and Allie is your new favorite indie songwriter.
 EUR4.50  Buy Now 
 Ergs!, The/Lemuria - Split 7"   Ergs!, The/Lemuria - Split 7" 
 The Ergs!, from New Jersey, are back with 2 new tracks of their Descendents and Replacements influenced power-punk to meet up with Lemuria, from Buffalo, NY, who bring you chilling melodies influenced by Discount and Superchunk.
 EUR3.80  Buy Now 
 Fahrenheit 451/Kiara - Split 7"   Fahrenheit 451/Kiara - Split 7" 
 A somewhat strange and obscure record... because how many times do you see emo bands from Australia?? Fahrenheit are on the more melodic side of things, with indie rock overtones and some dischordant outbreaks, while Kiara rely on vocal distortion and passionate screaming. Good, good stuff, but... More »
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Fifth Hour Hero/The Sainte Catherines Split 7"   Fifth Hour Hero/The Sainte Catherines Split 7" 
 Two songs from each band! Comes in a very stylish fold-out cover!
 EUR3.80  Buy Now 
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