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 [Jukebox] Scenario, The/Neverending... - Split 7"   [Jukebox] Scenario, The/Neverending... - Split 7" 
 Two great bands from Germany and Sweden do the rock and show political awareness with this benefit record. The [Jukebox] Scenario should already be well known with their great mixture of relaxed and chaotic emotional hardcore stuff in the vein of Shotmaker or Four Hundred Years. And Neverending...... More »
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 [Jukebox] Scenario, The - Trueman 7"   [Jukebox] Scenario, The - Trueman 7" 
 Intense and frantic hardcore with a groovy and melodic edge, a bit reminiscent of Four Hundred Years, Milemarker or Shotmaker, but always maintaining their own style and personality. From the people that brought you Dandeleon...
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Your New Friend - 7"   Your New Friend - 7" 
 Four songs of upbeat melodic hardcore like Lifetime crossed with Dag Nasty and a bit of Lifetime. Lots of heart and dedication and you can feel the fun of rocking out...
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Young Livers/Vipers!Attack! - Split 7"   Young Livers/Vipers!Attack! - Split 7" 
 Gainesville's best kept secret and the finest rockers from Portsmouth, England on one piece of wax. Young Livers have been blowing everyone away with their album and Euro tour this year, and the Vipers are the living breathing screaming evidence that "metal" and "core" can go hand in hand without... More »
 EUR3.80  Buy Now 
 Yellow Press, The - Bad Blood 7"   Yellow Press, The - Bad Blood 7" 
 A SURE hit single!!! Two new songs here, and better than ever before. The artwork is beyond everything, absolutely hilarious...
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Winchester 73 - Fäuste, Bohnen, 5 Kanonen 7"   Winchester 73 - Fäuste, Bohnen, 5 Kanonen 7" 
 Cowboy-Punk! Imagine movies like "The good, the bad and the ugly" or "Once upon a time in the west", set it to music and let the Angry Samoans or even Econochrist write the soundtrack. Amazing!!
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Van Johnson - Ladies And Gentlemen 7"   Van Johnson - Ladies And Gentlemen 7" 
 The classic smash hit single format (two songs on 45 RPM) for the hottest motherfuckers in rock today! Van Johnson are from Ottawa, Canada and rock just as hard as they like to party. And yup, it's that hipster screamo thing - nothing too original or groundbreaking, but if that's what I wanted in... More »
 EUR1.50  Buy Now 
 Union Town - Blinding Lights 7"   Union Town - Blinding Lights 7" 
 This band took their name from a Split Lip song, so how could they be bad? Union Town's music is hard to describe, it's "emo" in the true and original sense, "emo" in a Rites Of Spring or Embrace kind of way, with nods towards Les Savy Fav and the Robocop Kraus. In other words: modern and old... More »
 EUR4.50  Buy Now 
 Union Policy, The - I.O.U. 7"   Union Policy, The - I.O.U. 7" 
 This band used to be called the Milemarkers. And no, they are not *that* band. This is unpolished emotional guitar rock music, raw and melodic at the same time. Very Piebald-ish at times, if Piebald were a punk rock band.
 EUR3.70  Buy Now 
 Trend - Gott hat keine Flugzeuge 7"   Trend - Gott hat keine Flugzeuge 7" 
 Trashy lo-fi punk rock!! Trend is a band in the tradition of the legendary Fehlfarben (or any other good NON-IDIOTIC Deutschpunk), and they rock. Or for the new kids on the block: think Superpunk in a squat.
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 This Ain't Vegas - Funeral On Tuesday 7"   This Ain't Vegas - Funeral On Tuesday 7" 
 The This Ain't Vegas sound is a hip melting pot of many post punk influences. Vital and breathless energy and the pure fun of rocking out in a very DCish Fugazi or Q and not U way... melodic and discordant indie rock.
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Suspect Parts - Maneater 7"   Suspect Parts - Maneater 7" 
 This band is... well... a fucking dream come true. Some dudes from The Briefs, Clorox Girls, and The Shocks making music together - and it sounds like a mix of these bands, with very obvious power pop influences. Yes, we said it: Yummy loves pop music.
 EUR4.50  Buy Now 
 Supersuckers/Burden Brothers - Split 7"   Supersuckers/Burden Brothers - Split 7" 
 The Burden Brothers are from Texas, play rock'n'roll, and their drummer played with Izzy Stradlin and the Reverend Horton Heat, to name just a few. The Supersuckers on the flip-side contribute a damn near spot-on cover of Thin Lizzy's classic "Jailbreak".
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Suburban Kid, The/Slingshot Idol, The - Split 7"   Suburban Kid, The/Slingshot Idol, The - Split 7" 
 The Suburban Kid side is really raw and kind of lo-fi, it starts off sounding kind of melodic and almost poppy, then the vocals kick in and sound almost exactly (!!) like His Hero Is Gone... The Slingshot Idol on the flipside are damn catchy with some surfy guitar lines, and as weird as it might... More »
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Submerge/Karras - Split 7"   Submerge/Karras - Split 7" 
 Two great bands from France. Karras (with Amanda Woodward members!) have a solid fast hardcore sound, with some metal and crust influences thrown in. Submerge are somewhere along the same lines, only more grinding and brutal. And they do a Bombs Of Death cover!
 EUR3.50  Buy Now 
 Strong Intention/Solid Decline - Split 7"   Strong Intention/Solid Decline - Split 7" 
 This platter has four pretty sick metal songs from Strong Intention. They've already has an amazing 10" on Coalition some time ago and combine the best elements of Spetic Death, Infest and Slayer. Plus there's three Solid Decline hits on the flipside. They are all members of Y, and they just changed... More »
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Spinning Heads - Nothing Is Gained... 7"   Spinning Heads - Nothing Is Gained... 7" 
 A relatively new band from South France with the drummer of Tantrum. They have been compared to the likes of Botch, Lack and Knut and rock really fucking hard. As a huge plus, they have an impressive gun on the cover. Scary evil stuff.
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Sirens/Overstand - Split 7"   Sirens/Overstand - Split 7" 
 Funny how times change... after the '88 youth crew rehash, kids these days "move on" and form bands that sound like eraly 90s Revelation stuff. You know, Burn, Supertouch, the likes. Sirens are from Germany, Overstand hail from the US of A. Both of them play the kind of melodic mid tempo hardcore... More »
 EUR3.80  Buy Now 
 Simfela - s/t 7"   Simfela - s/t 7" 
 Brutally fast hardcore with some old scohol influences, a good dose of classic powerviolence and insane screaming vocals. This is pretty much how Tumult would sound if they'd play a set of Capitalist Casualties and Acme covers on a metal fest. Fucking monstrous.
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Sex Jams/Les Trucs - Split 7"   Sex Jams/Les Trucs - Split 7" 
 New Fettkakao weirdness... crazy electro punk shizzle from Les Trucs, and not quite that crazy indie guitar sounds from Sex Jams, packed in a colorful cover.
 EUR5.00  Buy Now 
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