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 Glass Candy - Bräckliga Kvinnor 7"   Glass Candy - Bräckliga Kvinnor 7" 
 This is the very anticipated reissue of the long out of print "Brittle Women" EP that was originally released back in 1999 by the band when they had someone from Get Hustle on drums. There's the smash hit title and their take on David Bowie's "Hang On To Yourself" on the other side. The funny thing... More »
 EUR1.50  Buy Now 
 Glass Candy - Love On A Plate 7"   Glass Candy - Love On A Plate 7" 
 The Euro re-press of this Troubleman release. On pink/yellow splatter vinyl. Weird freaked out sex rock, like Lydia Lunch meets Ziggy Stardust era Bowie meets Suicide. Neat-o.
 EUR1.50  Buy Now 
 GO! - What We Build Together 7"   GO! - What We Build Together 7"   EUR2.50  Buy Now 
 Hawks And Doves - Hush Money 7"   Hawks And Doves - Hush Money 7" 
 LP back in stock! And finally the 7", too... one song off the album (in a different version?), and - gasp - THE best Springsteen cover of all times. Seriously, it sounds like The Boss after a drunken night out, putting his very everything into "I'm On Fire". <3
 EUR6.00  Buy Now 
 Heartside - The Triumph Of The Will 7"   Heartside - The Triumph Of The Will 7" 
 This is way better than their split EP with Right In Sight from way back when simply because they rock out like a Struggle-meets-Groundwork bulldozer.
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Hero Dishonest - Climbing Up On The Way Down 7"   Hero Dishonest - Climbing Up On The Way Down 7" 
 Fast and angry no frills hardcore punk. " kicks ass. Not just some smaller ass but I mean ANY kind of ass imaginable from tiny to huge. Really." - We agree.
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Heros & Zeros - 7"   Heros & Zeros - 7" 
 Anthemic, anti-fascist and anti-capitalist! This is great singalong street punk/oi! From Amsterdam with members of Vitamin X (!!) ... if you like 4 Skins, Blaggers ITA and Blitz, stomp to this now.
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Hynkels, The - 7"   Hynkels, The - 7" 
 Late 70s punk rock meets early 80s hardcore. Circle Jerks, Adolescents, X, The Germs. Trashy tunes from the garage with that certain fuck you attitude.
 EUR3.50  Buy Now 
 I.O.U. - A Cause For Anxiety 7"   I.O.U. - A Cause For Anxiety 7" 
 Ripping pissed off hardcore punk from Norway!! Fast, catchy, melodic and angry - and just plain amazing. This shit makes you wanna jump on your skateboard or hit a cop in the face... yes, it's THAT good!!
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Incognito Pop/The Livids - Split 7"   Incognito Pop/The Livids - Split 7" 
 Two rather unknown obscure bands from sweden that both do the rawk... Incognito Pop are almost something like a collective, sometimes they're a duo, sometimes there's up to 5 people in the band, experimenting with traditional rock instruments, groove box and various electro toys, creating a sound... More »
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Ink & Dagger - Experiments In Nocturnal Sound And Energy 7"   Ink & Dagger - Experiments In Nocturnal Sound And Energy 7" 
 Got a few more copies of this little gem from these bloodsucking and late-night-fucking Philadelphia goth-punks. Eeeeevil and scaaaaary.
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Jettison - At The Discothèque 7"   Jettison - At The Discothèque 7" 
 Two new sweet as sugar pop songs from this outstanding german emo/indie band. This is what comes out if you let members of Sabeth play Jimmy Eat World tunes.
 EUR1.50  Buy Now 
 Jo Snyder - Eulogy 7"   Jo Snyder - Eulogy 7" 
 These are Jo Snyder's first solo recordings. You might remember this lady from her previous bands Sixty Stories and Anthem Red. Two songs about life itself, about the dark and ugly times, and about the hope of getting out again. Wonderful, simply wonderful!
 EUR4.00  Buy Now 
 Karras/Submerge - Split 7"   Karras/Submerge - Split 7" 
 Two great bands from France. Karras (with Amanda Woodward members!) have a solid fast hardcore sound, with some metal and crust influences thrown in. Submerge are somewhere along the same lines, only more grinding and brutal. And they do a Bombs Of Death cover!
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Kobayashi - Blutbad 7"   Kobayashi - Blutbad 7" 
 These kids look like they come straight out of a Britpop club, but they thrash out the kind of noise that can only be produced in filthy basements. Fucked emoviolence or whatever the word of the month might be, reminding me a bit of Combat Wounded Veteran or In/Humanity for now particular reason -... More »
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Lightsome/My Own Summer - Split 7"   Lightsome/My Own Summer - Split 7" 
 An emo boy group and one with a girl doing the singing. You know the deal - nice melodies, harmonic and listener friendly stuff that could be played on the radio, cool layout and all that. Very good for long winter nights and for falling in love to. Butterflies in the belly...
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Linsay/Stickfigurecarousel - Split 7"   Linsay/Stickfigurecarousel - Split 7" 
 The last songs from both bands and they seem to know how to leave maximum damage... Linsay should be well known by now with their energetic Per Koro style because they weren't hyped as the new Acme for nothing. And Stickfigurecarousel take only the best elements of moshers like Strain or Threadbare... More »
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Little Milton - s/t 7"   Little Milton - s/t 7" 
 This kind of fits into that post-San Diego chaos mess, but it's also very different. Clean guitars and rocking parts, almost like old German emo in the vein of Age or Sog. Pretty cool and pretty interesting stuff and pretty pretty artwork.
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Man In The Shadow - Pax Americana 7"   Man In The Shadow - Pax Americana 7" 
 Four songs from this Slovenian band that combines emotional hardcore with leftist politics... and out comes "anarcho-emo". Whatever, this is punk and it rocks. Nice packaging, too - you should get this one...
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Mar - Solitude of Many 7"   Mar - Solitude of Many 7" 
 Fast and intense hardcore like Rorschach crossed with some death metallish chaos noise from Germany and even Heartattack says that this is pretty good!
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
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