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 Action/Crowleys Passion - Assassins Of Oblivion Split CD   Action/Crowleys Passion - Assassins Of Oblivion Split CD 
 Heavy as fuck mid tempo mosh monsters from Action and Heaven Shall Burn-style metal core from Crowleys Passion. There's some Arkangel or even Throwdown influences to be heard here and there, so you know you're in for quite a mosh fest!
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Amulet - Daggers & Dynamite MCD   Amulet - Daggers & Dynamite MCD 
 Six songs. Three off "Danger Danger", three off "Freedom Fighters". The cover art rules, period. And the vocals sound a whole lot like Ozzy sometimes. Good stuff.
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Append:X - 9 Collapsing Emotions (Like Hate) CD   Append:X - 9 Collapsing Emotions (Like Hate) CD 
 This one will rock your socks off! Shai Hulud minus the metal? Boy Sets Fire minus the rock cheese? Tupamaros meets Aclys and ...But Alive are writing the lyrics for them? Whatever - *this* is hardcore, easy as that. The personal combined with the political, gorgeous melodies and chaotic screamo... More »
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Biddy Biddy Biddy - Logic Makes Us Look Good CD   Biddy Biddy Biddy - Logic Makes Us Look Good CD 
 Part-organic instrumentation and part-video game, this debut full length is a discordant and melodic journey of bass, guitars, drums, and electronics.
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Black Film Dance - John's LP CD   Black Film Dance - John's LP CD 
 Weirdo no-wave-punk from Japan! Black Film Dance could be something like the Japanese version of Milemarker and throw together punk rock and new wave in a way that you can't help but dance and smile. Completely addictive keyboards, sexy off-key vocals and loud guitars. Or like Sunshine, Shotmaker... More »
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Books Lie - Weep CD   Books Lie - Weep CD 
 Brooklyn, NYC isn't only home to stupid pieces of testosterone shit like Biohazard, there's also some clever punkr ock kids living there. Just like Books Lie. This band definitely has their won sound - borrowing from the almighty Born Against in terms of cynicism and fuckedupness and building a... More »
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
    Boys Night Out - Broken Bones And Bloody Kisses CDEP 
 This band could be big with their catchy upbeat choruses and raw screamed vocals with melodic and churning guitars. If that doesn't tell you anything, think of bands like Grade, As Friends Rust or Glasseater. The new hype.
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Call David/Lie Algebra - Split CD   Call David/Lie Algebra - Split CD   EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Cassettes, The - Or The Mountains CD   Cassettes, The - Or The Mountains CD 
 The second album by the Cassettes from Washington, DC. A journey from stadium rock/power-pop anthems to atmospheric explorations of darkness and light. (Or, in other words - they are weeeird...). Ex-members of Frodus. And we think this is pretty damn cool.
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Closet Monster - Killed The Radio Star CD   Closet Monster - Killed The Radio Star CD 
 Great angry, pissed and passionate political punk rock with just the right amonut of pop. Ex-members of Sum 41 (but hey, you don't hear THAT!), and someone played with Avril Lavigne, too. Tee hee. But they're good. Really.
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Convinced - 2001 MCD   Convinced - 2001 MCD 
 Well, the term "metal hardcore" woulb be more than misleading here, but what about "emo stadium hardrock"? This Swedish band goes by the name of "The Band Convinced" now, but they still play pure good time rock music - an old style euro-rock sound with soaring female vocals and a new-found schlinky... More »
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Crush My Calm - Lies Make Life Easier CD   Crush My Calm - Lies Make Life Easier CD 
 Ten fast, melodic and raging hardcore songs that are positive and pissed at the same time. While most bands mellow out and add more \"rock\" influences, Crush My Calm are doing what no one expected - speeding up their sound a lot, making everything harder and faster and louder and more hardcore,... More »
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Decahedron - Disconnection Imminent CD   Decahedron - Disconnection Imminent CD 
 Decahedron started in 2001 as a project between Jason Hamacher and Shelby Cinca, both formerly of the DC punk band, Frodus. Upon the breakup of Frodus in 1999, the two convened work on musical projects with various collaborators. After some time apart, they reunited again along with longtime Fugazi... More »
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Del Cielo - Wish And Wait CD   Del Cielo - Wish And Wait CD 
 Awesome! This record is catchy as hell and the lyrics are excellent pieces of independent rock poetry. Take Velocity Girl, let them play some Braid songs together with Sleater-Kinney and have Ani Di Franco watch it all and you'll get the DC rock sweetness known as Del Cielo - both clean and pretty... More »
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Endless Inertia - Oktiabr'/Novembre  CD   Endless Inertia - Oktiabr'/Novembre CD 
 A sweet and lovely screamo platter with a weird title. This is almost as if La Quiete were playing Orchid songs, with all former Portraits Of Past members doing Nikad impersonations in the background. All that, plus two huge booklets full of weird graphics.
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Exploder, The - The West End Kids Crusade CD   Exploder, The - The West End Kids Crusade CD 
 The best thing out of Richmond, VA since Avail and Four Walls Falling, although the Exploder sounds nothing like them, more like a mix of Rye Coalition and 400 Years. But what makes them special is that all band members share the microphone, creating vocals that go all the way from screaming to... More »
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Fall Time. - Coma CD   Fall Time. - Coma CD 
 "Coma" has been in the making for over two years and takes you on a journey through the darkest depths of the human soul. Repetitive downtuned guitars and hypnotic drums combined with desperate vocals create a record of apocalyptic proportions. Slow, sinister, depro and hard as fuck. There is no... More »
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Figure Of Merit - Vatic CD   Figure Of Merit - Vatic CD 
 Colossal math-metal from Minnesota. Calculated noise melted down into 8 crafted tracks - points of reference being Mastodon, Unsane, The Jesus Lizard and early Coalesce. "Now this is right up my alley and reminds me immediately of Am Rep noise crossed with early Neurosis. I could see these guys on a... More »
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
 Forever Ends Tonight - Meet Her In The Killing Fields CDEP   Forever Ends Tonight - Meet Her In The Killing Fields CDEP 
 Forever Ends Tonight is ex- or current members of bands like H-Street, Mar or Hope Dies Last going back to their roots. And their roots are metal. But whoah, baby - we are not talking vegan mosh crap or any of that pro-life pro-god pro-idiot bullshit here... just plain heavy fucking metal. They draw... More »
 EUR1.00  Buy Now 
 Forstella Ford - Quietus CD   Forstella Ford - Quietus CD 
 The Euro CD version with a new blue cover. This is an unstoppable assault of fury and beauty... much more melodic than their older stuff, rocking out damn hard, clever lyrics, energy to the max, noisy, beautiful. This is EMO, even if nothing else is. Perfect!
 EUR2.00  Buy Now 
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